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New Customer/Change of Address

New Customer

Please call (262) 521-5272 to set up your account or feel free to email your information to Once you have an account established, you can expect a water and wastewater bill once a month. Please refer to payment options on the Waukesha Water Utility website or call if you would like more information.

Tenants - If you are a new tenant and your lease states that you are responsible for setting up water and wastewater service, please call our office to verify a final bill was issued prior to your occupancy or check with your landlord to ensure accurate billing.

Owners - If you purchased your home and the seller’s water bill was prorated in the closing, please call to update the account name.

Building New – If you are constructing a building on a parcel that has never had water service, please complete the Water Service – Connections and Meters application found under the Customer Service/Permits, Forms and Applications tabs.

Change of Address

Owners - If you own a property but no longer live there, please call the Utility at (262) 521-5272 to update the billing address.
Seasonal - You can provide us with a seasonal address so that you continue to get your bills while you are away for the winter. Each year the bills will be sent to the seasonal address for the period of time that you requested until you notify us to discontinue.

Selling Your Home?

If the water and wastewater bill is going to be prorated in the sale of the property, please arrange to have the service transferred to the new owner. You can check your closing papers or check with your realtor or title company to verify that the bill will be handled in this manner. If the water and wastewater bill is not going to be prorated in the closing of the sale, please contact customer service at the Utility at (262) 521-5272 to request a final reading.

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