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The Utility interacts and depends on many departments and organizations. These are a few of them.

Waukesha Wastewater Treatment - The water you consume is treated and returned to the water cycle. Currently the department is urging everyone to Slash the Salt.

Waukesha Department of Public Works - Many of our water mains are replaced while the City is doing other street work.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - Regulates Construction projects and Water Quality.

Wisconsin Public Service Commission - Regulates Construction, Utility Operations, Customer Service, Rates, and Billing.

Wisconsin Water Association - Provides professional education and keeps us current on the emerging issues.

Wisconsin Rural Water - Active in legislative affairs and operator training.

WaterSense - An important partner in our efforts to conserve water.

The Milwaukee Water Council - A hub for those involved in water research, education, technology development, and industry.

Wisconsin Water Conservation Coalition - Educate public about local drinking water resources and encourages sustainability.

State of Wisconsin