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05/05/2024 National Drinking Water Week 2024 Download  0.20 MB
04/24/2024 City of Waukesha's Annual Sprinkling Ordinance Download  0.08 MB
03/19/2024 National Fix a Leak Week Download  0.15 MB
01/11/2024 A Reminder to Shovel Out Fire Hydrants Download  0.15 MB
01/11/2024 Prevent Freezing Pipes Download  0.09 MB
10/04/2023 Water transition to begin Monday Download  0.23 MB
09/14/2023 Water Transition to begin October 9th Download  1.4 MB
08/19/2023 PSC approves water rate changes Download  0.55 MB
06/30/2023 Water rate changes on target Download  0.63 MB
05/04/2023 National Drinking Water Week 2023 Download  0.2 MB
05/03/2023 WWU Open House - Learn about the coming water supply transition this week Download  0.17 MB
02/07/2023 Toilet Leaks Tend to be Invisible & Can Cost a lot of Money Download  0.12 MB
01/17/2023 Senator Tammy Baldwin visits Waukesha’s Water Project Download  0.15 MB
12/22/2022 Prevent Freezing Pipes Download  0.15 MB
12/22/2022 Waukesha Water Utility is asking customers to help shovel out fire hydrants Download  0.15 MB
11/02/2022 Future water rates on target with past projections Download  0.15 MB
05/20/2022 Sprinkling Ordinance Download  0.2 MB
05/02/2022 Drinking Water Week 2022 Download  0.2 MB
03/14/2022 National Fix a Leak Week Download  0.15 MB
02/17/2022 New water supply meets 50% completion deadline Download  0.18 MB
02/03/2022 Extended Work Hours at Booster Pumping Station Download  0.21 MB
01/07/2022 Great Lakes Water Supply Program Construction Notification - New & Updated Location Information Download  0.69 MB
10/28/2021 Large Water Main Break on the NW Side of Waukesha Download  0.09 MB
06/30/2021 Waukesha obtains DNR authorization for Lake Michigan water supply Download  0.20 MB
05/25/2021 Annual Sprinkling Ordinance in effect from May 1st – October 1st Download  0.23 MB
05/25/2021 Waukesha Water Utility Consumer Confidence Report Available Consumer Confidence Report
04/05/2021 National Fix a Leak Week Download  0.16 MB
04/05/2021 Water Main Flushing – April 5th – August 1st Download  0.05 MB
04/05/2021 Waukesha Water Bills Become Monthly This Spring, Have Rate Increase Download  0.13 MB
02/18/2021 Remember to Shovel Out Hydrants Download  0.16 MB
02/18/2021 How to Prevent Freezing Water Pipes Download  0.09 MB
08/13/2020 Federal financing means big savings for water ratepayers, Mayor says Download  0.13 MB
05/14/2020 Businesses must flush water before reopening Download  0.28 MB
07/23/2019 Sprinkling Ordinance Download  0.04 MB
05/05/2019 Rain Barrel Rebate Program & National Drinking Water Week Download  0.83 MB
03/18/2019 National Fix a Leak Week Download  0.24 MB
01/24/2019 A Reminder to Shovel Out Fire Hydrants Download  0.103 MB
01/23/2019 How to Prevent Freezing Pipes Download  0.129 MB
06/29/2018 Consumer Confidence Report Download  0.013 MB
06/26/2018 City of Waukesha Recognized by the Wisconsin Policy Forum Download  0.24 MB
06/13/2018 Sprinkling Ordinance Download  0.06 MB
05/08/2018 National Drinking Water Week Proclamation Download  0.04 MB
05/08/2018 National Drinking Water Week & Rain Barrel Rebate Program Download  0.27 MB
04/17/2018 Spring Water Main Flushing Download  0.52 MB
04/17/2018 Flushing Area Beginning the Week of April 24th Download  1.5 MB
03/19/2018 National Fix a Leak Week March 19th – 25th Download  0.16 MB
05/11/2017 Rain Barrel Rebate Program Begins During National Drinking Week Download  0.15 MB
05/05/2017 Mayor Proclamation - National Drinking Water Week Download  0.15 MB
03/20/2017 National Fix a Leak Week Download  0.15 MB
12/23/2016 Toilet Rebates Continue to Help Waukesha Conserve Water Download  0.15 MB
12/21/2016 New Sewer Credit Meter Ordinance Supports Waukesha’s Water Conservation Program Download  0.1 MB
10/26/2016 Waukesha Begins Permitting & Planning of New Water Supply Project Download  0.1 MB
10/13/2016 Utility Announces Rebate for Efficient Shower Heads Download  0.1 MB
10/06/2016 Waukesha chooses manager for Lake Michigan water supply project Download  0.1 MB
08/24/2016 Request For Reconsideration of Water Approval is Unfounded Download  0.1 MB
08/08/2016 Utility Hires Firm to Avoid Unnecessary Cost on Lake Michigan Pipelines Download  0.1 MB
07/20/2016 Utility Refers Sprinkling Violation to Police Dept. Download  0.1 MB
06/22/2016 Mayor Reilly’s statement on approval of Waukesha’s water application Download  0.1 MB
06/21/2016 Great Lakes Governors Make the Right Decision on Waukesha Download  0.1 MB
06/21/2016 Waukesha Mayor Thanks Great Lakes Governors Download  0.2 MB
06/21/2016 Media Advisory Waukesha Press Conference – June 22, 2016 Download  0.2 MB
05/04/2016 National Drinking Water Week Mayoral Proclamation Download  0.2 MB
05/04/2016 National Drinking Water Week Press Release Download  0.1 MB
04/08/2016 Waukesha’s GLs Application Featured on Building Wisconsin TV Download  0.1 MB
04/01/2016 2016 Consumer Confidence Report for the Year 2015 Download  0.1 MB
04/01/2016 Spring Water Main Flushing begins Monday, April 4th Download  0.1 MB
03/09/2016 Fix a Leak Week - March 14th -20th Download  0.1 MB
03/02/2016 Criticism of Waukesha's Proposal Doesn't Hold Water Download  0.5 MB
02/22/2016 Notice to Bidders – Parking Deck Improvements Download  0.1 MB
02/22/2016 Notice to Bidders – S Grand Ave Main Replacement Download  0.1 MB
02/18/2016 Waukesha Officials Testify Before the GL’s Council Download  0.4 MB
02/18/2016 Dan Duchniak’s Waukesha’s Testimony Download  0.4 MB
02/18/2016 Mayor Reilly’s Waukesha’s Testimony Download  0.2 MB
02/17/2016 Video - Reasons for Waukesha’s GL’s Request
02/12/2016 Feb. 17 & 18 – Briefing, Public Meeting & Hearing Download  0.1 MB
02/09/2016 Waukesha Mayor Testifies Before Michigan DEQ on Great Lakes water bid Download  0.3 MB
02/09/2016 Mayor Reilly’s Testimony for Michigan’s Hearing Download  0.2 MB
02/09/2016 Dan Duchniak’s, WWU’s General Manager’s, Testimony for Michigan’s Hearing Download  0.1 MB
02/02/2016 Great Lakes' Mayors - Letter of Facts Download  3.4 MB
01/07/2016 Waukesha’s bid for Lake Michigan Water Advances For Review to the GL’s Governors & Premiers Download  0.3 MB
01/06/2016 How to Prevent Water Pipes from Freezing Download  0.2 MB
01/05/2016 Scam Alert – Utility Customers Report Receiving Scam Calls Regarding Unpaid Balances Download  0.1 MB
12/29/2015 For Your Protection, the Utility is Asking Customers to Shovel Out Fire Hydrants Download  0.1 MB
12/08/2015 DNR Will Advance Waukesha’s Application to Borrow Water Download  0.1 MB
12/03/2015 Waukesha’s Groundwater Predicted to Drop Another 200 feet Without Great Lakes Water Supply Download  0.2 MB
11/17/2015 Waukesha Requires Irrigation Systems to be Water Efficient Download  0.2 MB
08/12/2015 Proposal from opponents fails to meet requirements Download  0.2 MB
07/09/2015 Waukesha Water Utility Statement regarding Compact Implementation Coalition Download  0.1 MB
06/25/2015 Lake Michigan is Waukesha’s only reasonable water supply option, DNR analysis shows Download  0.2 MB
06/10/2015 Waukesha Water Utility Awards Incentive Dollars Download  0.2 MB
10/24/2013 Waukesha to hold public meetings on Great Lakes water application Download  0.4 MB
10/14/2013 Waukesha update application for new water supply Download  0.5 MB
12/6/2012 Waukesha following DNR, not Milwaukee, advice on water laws Download  0.6 MB
10/2/2012 Waukesha and Oak Creek approve terms for Great Lakes water supply Download  1.3 MB
5/18/2012 Waukesha strengthens its water conservation plan Download  0.1 MB
7/12/2011 Waukesha Common Council Discusses Water Negotiations Download  0.5 MB
7/1/2011 Waukesha is pleased with DNR’s completeness determination for Great Lakes water application Download  0.8 MB
4/27/2011 Waukesha provides DNR with additional information on water application Download  1.2 MB
12/3/2010 DNR input on Waukesha application for Great Lakes water helps move process forward Download  0.6 MB
12/2/2010 Regional Planning Commission Confirms That Lake Michigan Water Is Best For Waukesha, Environment Download  0.9 MB
10/11/2010 Waukesha Officials to Host Another Public Meeting to Discuss Great Lakes Water Application Download  0.1 MB
5/13/2010 Waukesha water will not add to flooding concerns Download  0.1 MB
3/12/2010 Waukesha, Wauwatosa leaders agree to hold open house on Waukesha water diversion plan Download  0.1 MB
2/19/2010 Waukesha to hold open house on water supply issues Download  0.1 MB
1/28/2010 Waukesha to present water alternatives tonight Download  0.1 MB
1/12/2010 Waukesha to present draft application for Great Lakes water at January 28 public meeting Download  0.8 MB
10/7/2009 Waukesha Common Council to host Monday public meeting on potential use of Great Lakes water Download  1.2 MB
6/3/2009 Waukesha answers questions on potential water bid Download  0.2 MB
10/15/2008 Waukesha Water Utility has been recognized for its superior efforts in promoting water efficiency by the state’s leading water industry association Download  0.1 MB
5/27/2008 Regional cooperation led to Great Lakes Compact agreement, Waukesha Mayor says Download  0.1 MB
5/14/2008 Waukesha Mayor praises agreement to pass of Great Lakes Compact this week Download  0.1 MB
4/9/2008 Waukesha Mayor praises agreement to pass
Great Lakes Compact
Download  0.5 MB
5/28/2007 Waukesha bills include new water rates Download  0.2 MB
5/24/2007 New rate structure for Waukesha Water Utility will encourage residents to conserve water use Download  0.1 MB
1/30/2007 Waukesha to explain water supply options to public Download  0.1 MB
5/18/2006 Water Sprinkling Ordinance Announced Download  0.2 MB
3/17/2006 Waukesha Water Utility adopts conservation plan Download  0.2 MB
1/25/2006 Don't flush dollar$ down the drain, Waukesha says Download  0.1 MB
6/30/2005 Waukesha comments on new draft of Great Lakes Annex Implementation Agreements Download  0.1 MB
6/22/2005 Waukesha increases rebate for high-efficiency toilets
to $100
Download  0.1 MB
5/3/2005 Waukesha releases water conservation and
protection plan
Download  0.1 MB
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