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Water Education Classes

For the past 25 years, Waukesha Water Utility has partnered with the Waukesha School District to provide water education to all 5th graders. As part of their Environmental & Science Curriculum, the students study the natural cycles of water and the human impact on our water resources. Thousands of students have toured one of the Utility’s pumping stations. At the station, they learn about the following:

• the water cycle
• where their water comes from
• how their water is treated and distributed
• the quality and quantity of the water they use
• conservation methods that use water resources in a sustainable manner
• the costs of municipal water, and its value compared to bottled water

The Utility is willing to adapt the content of this program to meet the needs of other organizations and ages. Programs have been delivered to middle schools, high school S.T.E.M. classes, Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops.

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