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05/08/2024 Waukesha Common Council approves $750,000 land purchase for new Water Utility headquarters Download  5 MB
08/24/2023 Water transition reminder for kidney dialysis patients Download  0.07 MB
08/22/2023 PSC formally OKs water rate change for Waukesha Download  0.46 MB
08/16/2023 Q&A with Waukesha Water Utility's Dan Duchniak Download  0.8 MB
08/09/2023 Waukesha to receive Lake Michigan water in mid-September Download  0.59 MB
07/31/2023 Take a positively fascinating tour of the Milwaukee water treatment process  
07/27/2023 Water rates in Waukesha to increase over the next several years Download  0.03 MB
07/20/2023 Waukesha water transition to affect fish owners, kidney dialysis patients Download  0.11 MB
07/06/2023 Public Service Commission to host hearing on water rates Download  0.11 MB
06/23/2023 Waukesha Water Utility releases Consumer Confidence Report Download  0.02 MB
06/16/2023 Water softeners to be a 'personal choice' following switch to Great Lakes water Download  0.04 MB
05/04/2023 WWU to host open house 5/4 and 5/6 Download  0.04 MB
05/03/2023 Council receives update on Great Lakes water supply transition Download  0.18 MB
04/22/2023 Waukesha Freeman - Waukesha to receive Lake Michigan water in late summer Download  0.6 MB
01/18/2023 Baldwin visits Great Water Alliance site Download  0.25 MB
04/27/2022 Waukesha recognizes National Drinking Water Week Download  2.3 MB
02/18/2022 Project meets 50% completion deadline Download  3.3 MB
02/15/2022 Cement poured for booster pumping station Download  2.5 MB
02/09/2022 Water Utility warns of concrete pour Download  4.7 MB
09/25/2021 Construction begins on Waukesha booster pump station Download  1.7 MB
08/27/2021 Officials break ground for Waukesha booster pumping station. Download  1.7 MB
07/01/2021 DNR approves Lake Michigan diversion Download  0.15 MB
05/25/2021 High-tech drilling being used to lay Lake Michigan water pipeline Download  0.66 MB
05/25/2021 Prairie Avenue utility and street improvements continue Download  0.24 MB
04/08/2021 City Water Main Flushing Program Beginning Monday Download  0.04 MB
04/05/2021 National Fix a Leak Week Download  0.07 MB
02/18/2021 Water Bills Become Monthly This Spring Download  0.07 MB
12/01/2020 Groundbreaking kicks off construction for Great Water Alliance project Download  3.6 MB
08/13/2020 EPA awards $137.1M loan toward project Download  5.6 MB
03/25/2020 Waukesha Water Utility Consumer Confidence Report Available Download  2.0 MB
03/23/2020 Fix a Leak Week Download  1.6 MB
07/18/2019 Waukesha’s sprinkling ordinance remains in effect Download  2.4 MB
06/25/2019 Notice to Bidders Regarding Prequalification for Contracts Download  1.5 MB
06/11/2019 Waukesha Water Utility announces prequalifying process for contractors Download  1.2 MB
06/05/2019 Water diversion planning nearing completion Download  1.6 MB
05/09/2019 Waukesha offering rain barrel rebate program Download  1.6 MB
05/03/2019 Waukesha Water Utility provides update on water project Download  0.1 MB
01/23/2019 How to prevent frozen pipes Download  0.061 MB
01/23/2019 Residents asked to shovel out fire hydrants Download  0.449 MB
01/16/2019 Council Approves $223K for Purchase of Booster Station Land Download  0.121 MB
01/12/2019 Booster Station Land, Mill Reserve Settlement on Tap for Council Download  0.062 MB
11/05/2018 Low cost federal loan could reduce projected rate increases Download  0.107 MB
9/13/2018 Duchniak thinks communications should be clear as a stream Download  4.41 MB
9/10/2018 Not Flint: Waukesha testing pipes and water quality in advance of switching to Lake Michigan supply Download  1.03 MB
9/06/2018 Pipe Loop Testing Has Begun  
9/06/2018 Advantages to High-Efficiency Toilets and Showerheads  
8/15/2018 City wants to retrofit your water softener Download  2.05 MB
8/7/2018 Tariffs make steel unlikely option for lake pipes Download  0.09 MB
7/10/2018 Waukesha Water Utility consumer confidence report available Download  0.48 MB
6/26/2018 Waukesha County Business Alliance celebrates award winners Download  0.37 MB
5/16/2018 Common Council Approves Return Flow Rates Download  0.088 MB
4/17/2018 Final Location of Milwaukee Pumping Station Still Unknown Download  0.54 MB
4/17/2018 Preferred Route Picked for Lake Michigan Water Download  0.88 MB
2/3/2018 Federal program could lower Lake Michigan pipeline costs Download  1.6 MB
2/1/2018 Police warn of men posing as utility workers Download  0.7 MB
12/23/2017 Waukesha sends 100,000 to Oak Creek for costs, ends water partnership Download  0.1 MB
12/22/2017 Council approves Lake Michigan project draw bond requests Download  0.1 MB
12/21/2017 Reilly and Barrett Sign Water Agreement Download  0.1 MB
12/06/2017 Water Utility reminds residents how to avoid frozen pipes Download  0.1 MB
12/06/2017 Water plan approved 14-0 Download  0.1 MB
12/05/2017 Waukesha officials justify closed session discussion of water deal Download  0.1 MB
12/05/2017 Waukesha Common Council approves 40-year agreement to buy Lake Michigan water from Milwaukee Download  0.1 MB
12/02/2017 Waukesha Council to vote on Milwaukee water contract Tuesday Download  0.1 MB
12/02/2017 Big blue balloons hold back Fox River for water main crossing Download  0.1 MB
11/29/2017 Milwaukee council approves water contract 14-1 Download  0.1 MB
11/29/2017 Billing questions raised at water plan open house Download  0.1 MB
11/28/2017 Utility open house at West HS Download  0.1 MB
11/25/2017 WWU to hold open houses at Waukesha high schools Download  0.1 MB
11/22/2017 Proposed contract gains unanimous approval in first Milwaukee hearing Download  0.1 MB
11/18/2017 Purchase details released after approval from Water Commission Download  0.1 MB
11/18/2017 GWA open house advertisement Download  0.1 MB
11/17/2017 WWU Commission Approves Milwaukee contract Download  0.1 MB
11/17/2017 Return Flow utility could save ratepayers $26 million Download  0.1 MB
11/14/2017 Minooka Park eyed for water booster pumping station Download  0.1 MB
09/07/2017 100 plus residents attend open house on water plan Download  0.1 MB
08/25/2017 Commission still undecided on water supply recommendation Download  0.1 MB
06/28/2017 Franklin Information Session – Waukesha’s Great Lake water pipeline Download  0.27 MB
05/19/2017 WWU Starting New Rain Barrel rebate program Download  0.05 MB
02/19/2017 Waukesha checks Root River health before Lake Michigan water diversion Download  0.1 MB
02/17/2017 Waukesha Water Utility begins Root River monitoring Download  0.1 MB
11/18/2016 Busiest Waukesha Well Shut Down for Repairs Download  0.1 MB
11/15/2016 Waukesha Shuts Down Deep Well for Repairs Download  0.1 MB
10/26/2016 Waukesha Water Utility Planning Kicks Off Download  0.1 MB
10/13/2016 Company Chosen to Manage Lake Michigan Project Download  0.1 MB
10/13/2016 Utility Announces Rebate for Efficient Shower Heads Download  0.1 MB
08/08/2016 Waukesha Water Utility Hires Contract Compliance Firm Download  0.1 MB
07/20/2016 Waukesha Water Diversion - The Right Decision was Made Download  0.1 MB
07/20/2016 Findings of Fact – Approval by the Great Lakes Compact Council Download  0.6 MB
07/20/2016 Thank You, Leaders, For Water Efforts Download  0.1 MB
07/20/2016 No Cheaper Alternative to Great Lakes Diversion Download  0.1 MB
06/21/2016 Great Lakes Governors Approve Waukesha Water Request Download  0.2 MB
06/21/2016 Great Lakes Governors Right Decision on Waukesha Download  0.1 MB
06/19/2016 Waukesha Application Shows Great Lakes Compact Works Download  0.1 MB
06/17/2016 Ironic twist favors Wisconsin city's bid for Lake Michigan water Download  0.2 MB
05/24/2016 Waukesha Has Earned the Right to Draw Water from the Lake Download  0.9 MB
05/24/2016 Regional Officials Support Diversion Plan Download  0.1 MB
03/09/2016 Republicans Blast Letter Opposing Water Plan Download  0.1 MB
03/02/2016 Time is Running Out to Submit Comments Download  0.2 MB
03/02/2016 Sensenbrenner Encourages Approval of the GL’s Diversion Download  0.2 MB
02/25/2016 Opponents Cloud Waukesha’s Water Decision with False Claims Download  0.2 MB
02/25/2016 Water most important issue last 10 years Download  0.2 MB
02/22/2016 Water Debate – Lake Michigan only reasonable supply Download  0.1 MB
02/22/2016 Questions abound from regional reps on GLs diversion Download  0.1 MB
02/22/2016 Deep divide on Waukesha’s plan on display for GLs reps Download  0.1 MB
02/22/2016 Scores of opinions at public hearing Download  0.2 MB
02/16/2016 GL States & Provinces Look at Waukesha’s Request Download  0.1 MB
02/12/2016 Mayor Reilly testifies in Michigan Download  0.1 MB
02/12/2016 Tour and public hearings for next week Download  0.1 MB
02/09/2016 Waukesha request for Great Lakes water isn't out of bounds
01/20/2016 Official Notice for Les Paul Pkwy Water Main Project Download  0.1 MB
01/13/2016 Presentation to Joint Meeting of GL Reps (MP4 video) Download  74 MB
01/13/2016 Water from Lake Michigan is Waukesha’s Only Alternative Download  0.1 MB
12/15/2015 Waukesha deserves a shot at Great Lakes water supply Download  0.4 MB
12/10/2015 The Science is Winning Download  0.3 MB
12/09/2015 DNR to forward Waukesha’s Application for regional review Download  0.1 MB
12/09/2015 DNR to advance Waukesha’s Diversion Bid to the Great Lakes’ governors Download  0.1 MB
12/09/2015 DNR’s review of Waukesha’s Application nearing completion Download  0.1 MB
12/03/2015 Study: Deep aquifer to drop 200 feet in 50 years Download  0.2 MB
11/19/2015 New Waukesha Ordinance Requires Water-Efficient Irrigation Systems Download  0.1 MB
10/20/2015 Utility Initiates Ordinance to Ensure Water-Efficient Sprinkler Systems Are Installed Download  0.1 MB
09/18/2015 Mayor Reily explains Diversion won’t hurt the Great Lakes Download  0.2 MB
09/08/2015 Waukesha loves Lake Michigan Download  0.1 MB
09/08/2015 Racine Journal Times Editorial: DNR Should Approve Download  0.1 MB
09/03/2015 Lake Michigan solves big problem for Waukesha; and is very good for the region Download  0.1 MB
08/24/2015 Catholic Memorial Supports Waukesha's Application Download  0.1 MB
08/20/2015 County Executive calls leaders to work together for long-term solutions Download  0.1 MB
08/19/2015 Mayor Reilly explains Great Lakes water only reasonable option for Waukesha Download  0.1 MB
08/17/2015 Public weighs in on City of Waukesha’s water request Download  0.4 MB
08/12/2015 Opposing proposal contains flaws Download  0.2 MB
07/29/2015 For opponents of Waukesha, politics trumps environmental protection Download  0.2 MB
07/08/2015 Regional body could act on Waukesha’s water app next spring Download  0.1 MB
06/26/2015 Freeman at a glance Download  0.1 MB
06/25/2015 Preliminary DNR blessing moves Waukesha Great Lakes water bid forward Download  0.2 MB
06/15/2015 Lake Michigan Water Application Moves to the Next Phase Download  0.2 MB
06/11/2015 Eaton Plant to Save Millions of Gallons of City Water Per Year Download  0.1 MB
05/12/2015 Sprinkling Ordinance Download  0.1 MB
05/06/2015 New Business Incentive Download  0.1 MB
05/05/2015 Business Incentives Download  0.1 MB
05/01/2015 DNR done with review of Waukesha Download  0.1 MB
02/24/2015 Tank testers in training Download  0.3 MB
10/30/2014 Pool Audit Download  0.3 MB
03/21/2014 Fix a Leak Week workshop at Home Depot Download  0.1 MB
02/25/2014 Water Utility justifies industrial water request to DNR Download  0.1 MB
02/13/2014 Waukesha highlights water conservation efforts to DNR Download  0.1 MB
10/14/2013 New Waukesha lake diversion documents tout benefits to Great Lakes Download  0.3 MB
06/01/2013 Waukesha recognizes MetalTek International Download  1.7 MB
05/10/2013 Bowl patrol Download  0.1 MB
07/05/2012 Starting negotiations is in Milwaukee's interest, too Download  0.1 MB
06/30/2012 Clock ticking on starting Waukesha, Milwaukee water talks Download  0.2 MB
04/20/2012 Look who's talking: Milwaukee and Waukesha Download  0.1 MB
07/09/2011 DNR: Waukesha water application complete Download  0.1 MB
04/21/2010 Reminder about sprinkling ordinance in Waukesha Download  0.1 MB
10/20/2008 Waukesha urging low-flow switch Download  0.1 MB
08/18/2006 Water conservation law working, utility says Waukesha use down 10 percent Download  0.1 MB
05/23/2006 Waukesha starts watering restrictions Download  0.1 MB
03/27/2006 Conservationists discuss future water use Download  0.1 MB
11/18/2005 Report urges consumers to conserve water Download  0.1 MB
10/25/2005 Bans urged on watering lawns, washing cars Download  0.5 MB
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